Our meaningful, measurable moments of connection are built on solid foundations


Created in Australia by CCS Corporation, and founded on our proven photo elicitation methodologies, CARISA, has been developed with the cooperation of aged care facilities in Australia and Scotland who conducted over 50 hours of carer-resident interactions using our technology as part of daily care practice.

These initial and ongoing development activities confirm CARISA's ease of use and capacity to improve connection in residential aged care settings.


Carer observations indicate that CARISA's image-driven activities consistently produce very high levels of resident engagement, improvement in mood, and insights into resident's life experiences and lifestyle preferences. They also recognise the app's role in creating continuity, recall and meaning in resident's lives.

University of Stirling

Our digital image-driven technology has also been positively recognised as an effective tool for healthy ageing and connecting people in a relaxed and enjoyable way, by the University of Stirling, Scotland, as part of it's Generating Older Active Lives Digitally (GOALD) research.

University of Stirling showcasing results using the CCS Cards VFE for sports reminiscence

So, when combined with our 25 years experience developing international award-winning games and game-like products to turn family gatherings and business meetings into moments of enjoyable human connection, you can be confident that CARISA's capacity to engage is well-founded.

The power of image-driven

At the core of CCS Corporation's flagship products are special packs of image cards that have been chosen for their capacity to trigger thoughts, memories, ideas and emotions in conversations and self‑reflection.
Most people find that the cards make it easier to have fresh, honest and engaging and often very memorable conversations, by providing a focus for discussion and improved listening.

Versions of CCS Cards have been used around the world for self‑reflection, one‑on-one and group communication in education, training and development, team building, counselling, and healthcare for more than 20 years.

CARISA runs on CCS Corporation's powerful proprietary digital image card platform and includes special image sets and features to help aged care facilities engage carers and families as partners in care.


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